Thursday, June 29, 2023

Samoan Language Week

 Our performance

written by Fu'aosamoa

For Samoan Language week Talai, Agnes, Jireh and I taught room 2 a Samoan dance.  It is a welcome dance inviting people to a dance.

Our Sustainable Projects

 Our Sustainable Projects

Written by Eva Stevens

Our topic was renewable energy, and we looked at ways to make sustainable items that we could play with or use that didn't need batteries.  

First we decided on the types of things that we could make.  After we had chosen what type we would like to make we did our research about the most popular type for each toy.  We graphed our findings.

Next we made a plan of what we would make and what we needed.  We got our supplies and started making them.  Some were hard as we needed to learn new skills, so we had to change some of our ideas.

Lastly we published our findings on a poster.

We are all proud of what we made.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Maureen's Leaving Assembly


Maureen has been a long term working teacher aide at Netherby School and it was a sad day on the 4th May when we had to farewell her.

Pukeko made autumn leaf flowers and put them together to make a bouquet of flowers.  We all wrote our names on the black piece around the vase.

We were pretty proud of our efforts and hope that the flowers last longer than freshly cut flowers.

Library Opening

 Library Opening 9 May 2023

Our new library which has taken awhile to build was finally opened on the Tuesday 9 May by author David Elliott.

Firstly though, Mr Elliott read to us his book Pigtails the Pirate.  We loved the story especially the different voices and expression that Mr Elliott used.  He wrote this story for his daughter Jess.


 Our Playground Activity Leaders

Last term we trained some new year 5 and a couple of year 6's to be Playground Activity Leaders (PAL'S)

The training was fun and we are now in the swing of being activity leaders.  We lead games with a partner twice a week on Wednesday and Friday.

One pair leads a senior game and the other pair lead a junior game.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Buddy Reading

 Buddy Reading

Buddy reading happens every Friday before Pasifika.  We buddy read with Rooms 5 and 7.

We love buddy reading, but are sometimes sad when we don't get the particular buddy that we want, but to be honest they are all good buddies.



Camp was scary because when it was time for bed there was a thunder storm - Fu'aosamoa

Camp was amazing because there was lots of games and you got to hang out with friends - Eva

Camp was good because of the Dragon Spot light - Noah

The wind was annoying because it kept me awake - Spencer

Some girls woke me up early in the morning - Willow

It was fun because we got to play netball in the dark - Talai

Samoan Language Week

  Our performance written by Fu'aosamoa For Samoan Language week Talai, Agnes, Jireh and I taught room 2 a Samoan dance.  It is a welcom...